Themes and plugins to start a WordPress site

Since a friend started a site by using WordPress I will recomend some additional software here.

WordPress Theme

From my point of view the best free WordPress theme is Responsive. We use it on some subdomains of HanBlog.Net and also implemented with this theme.

WordPress Plugins

  • First of all you should install WP OSM Plugin to set geolocation and add maps with tracks to your site.
  • If you have twitter account there is the nice plugin Rotating Tweets to show your tweets.
  • Against brute force attacks you should modify .htaccess or install WP Cerber.
  • Not just for he contact site it makes sense to install Contact Form 7.
  • A simple forum can be implemented with bbPress (like WordPress OpenStreetMap Forum).
  • And if you want your readers to share the articles use Sharrif Wrapper (see it at the end of this article)

Basic Tips

  • Change the adminlogin from admin to anything else
  • The name, shown at the article, should not be the login
  • Plugins slow down your site, use only needed ones and load them from


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