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Combine / cluster icons of geotag markers in an OpenStreetMap map with OpenLayers in WordPress

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is very often used to geotag posts and pages in a blog. The location of the post can be shown in a widget or a map can be used to visualize all geotags in the blog. Huge blogs may have crowded maps and therefore the latest version comes with the feature to combine / clustere thes markers.

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Translations for WordPress OpenStreetMap / OpenSeaMap Plugin

The latest version of WordPress OSM Plugin brings two topics which were driven by Marc:

  • French translations
  • moving icon when you zoom in / out

Thanks a lot to Marc.

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WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM V2.6.2 released

We have been asked whether the WP OSM plugin was  bought by google – in short: No.  This question was a reason to release a new version within short time and provide it with this fixes:

  • FIX: Shortcode generator (Settings => OSM) used GoogleStreet instead of Mapnik
  • FIX: OSM Plugin was linked twice at OpenWeather and OpenSeaMap
  • FIX: Shortcode Argument “All”

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