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OSM plugin V5.4.2 brings OpenTopoMap to WordPress

The latest release of WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin (WP OSM Plugin) introduces OpenTopoMap and brings some other featuers:

  • OpenTopoMap
  • New icon for soccer
  • Show image im map is not loaded (eg for GDPR reason)
  • Support Customposttypes for geotagged maps

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Combine / cluster icons of geotag markers in an OpenStreetMap map with OpenLayers in WordPress

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is very often used to geotag posts and pages in a blog. The location of the post can be shown in a widget or a map can be used to visualize all geotags in the blog. Huge blogs may have crowded maps and therefore the latest version comes with the feature to combine / clustere thes markers.

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New maps with upcoming WP OSM Plugin version

The next version will bring two new mapstyles:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”48.854,2.35″ zoom=”15″ width=”100%” height=”300″ type=”pioneer”]

Thanks to BreizhPositive for submittion of “brezhoneg”:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”48.854,2.35″ zoom=”15″ width=”100%” height=”300″ type=”brezhoneg”]

Release will be within 2015 🙂

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How to add a clickable polygon in a map of a WordPress blog with KML

  1. Create a KML file with Viking in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  2. Modify the KML file in a texteditor
  3. Add the OSM shortcode for the WordPress plugin

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin supports KML files to customize maps in your blog or site with personal data.

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