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WordPress OpenStreetMap / OpenSeaMap Plugin OSM V3.3 released

The latest version of WP OSM Plugin focused on changing technology to cover features of mobile devices and simplify the shortcode. Features of the latest versions are:

  • display KML files with osm_map_v3 shortcode
  • Possibility to disable ajax by define
  • Set your preferred location for geotagger as define
  • Update to OpenLayers 3.5

Display KML files with osm_map_v3 shortcode

The shortcode of the WP OSM Plugin detects the filetype of GPX and KML file:

GPX-file in OpenSeaMap:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”52.628,5.291″ zoom=”9″ type=”OpenSeaMap” width=”75%” height=”330″ file_list=”../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OpenStreetMap_GPX_red.gpx”]

<=remove the “*”

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Preview: WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM with OpenLayers 3 for GPX with Waypoints

WordPress 4.2 will be released very soon and the WP OSM Plugin is prepared quite well and will release with V3.2 by the end of next week. Main work of the last weeks is to bring whole functionality to OpenLayers 3 library and improve performance and usability.

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Dealing with icons in KML files for WP OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM

If you want to display individual information in your map then KML files are a good choice. There are several KML generators and it’s easy to integrate it into your WordPress Site.

Note, you must not display any icons which are protected by copyright! There icons integrated in WP OSM plugin and you should use them in your KML file with style-tag like this:

  <Style id=”style1″>

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How to add a clickable polygon in a map of a WordPress blog with KML

  1. Create a KML file with Viking in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  2. Modify the KML file in a texteditor
  3. Add the OSM shortcode for the WordPress plugin

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin supports KML files to customize maps in your blog or site with personal data.

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