Shortcode arguments

If you want to embed a map into your post / page with the OSM plugin you have to use an OSM shortcode osm_map_v3. An OSM shortcode always looks like:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="Lat,Log" <additional,optional arguments>] *remove the asterisk

I can be generated automatically when you edit your post / page. The shortest OSM shortcode looks like:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="37.11,-8.654"] *remove the asterisk

and generates this map of Portugal:

Most modifications can be done with the OSM shortcode generator when you edit the post / page, but others can be found here. By adding three additional arguments map_border, theme and zoom you can zoom in and adapt the design:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="37.11,-8.654" map_border="solid thin black" zoom="14"] *remove the asterisk

Only lat and lon are mendatory all other arguments are optional. Following are arguments with default settings, add these arguments to customize your map with marker, tracks, routes and borders …

map_center default = "" (lat,lon, mendatory)  
width      default = "450" (for percentage add % otherwise pixel; has to be > 0 ) 
height     default = "300"(for percentage add % otherwise pixel; has to be > 0 ) 
zoom default = "7" ()  
type default = "AllOsm" (osm, CycleMap, OpenSeaMap, basemap_at, stamen_watercolor, stamen_toner, pioneer) 
map_border default = "none" (standard css, eg: "thin solid blue") 
mwz = default = "false" ("true" enable mousewheelzoom)

Samples for basic maps are here.

marker_latlon=”49.38198,5.86785″ marker_name=”wpttemp-yellow.png”]

marker_latlon  default = "No" (eg: marker_latlon="33.54,85.333) 
marker_name    default = "NoName" (OSM Plugin marker or path to personal marker eg: marker_name="../../../uploads/BikeLogo.png) 
marker_size    default = "no" (eg: marker_height="23,43,4") 

Samples for maps with marker are here.

file_list       default = "NoFile" (absolut or relative on the blog domain) 
file_color_list default = "NoFileListColour" (eg for three files: "red,green,blue") 

Samples for maps with GPX files are here.

tagged_type              default = "post" (filter and show only "post", "page", "any") 
tagged_filter defautl = "Osm_All" (include one category)

sample: add tagged posts of the blog
sample: add geocaches

adding controls an overviewmap in your map

  • control…adds various controls to your map [*osm_map … control=”fullscreen”]


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