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    Hi, I think this plug-in looks great and have just installed it, however I need it to work with custom post types. I can’t figure out how to do this, as I can only see it working with standard Posts. Is there a way I can change this?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    – MiKa –

    Hi john,

    since several user asked for it, we will bring it in July.

    Br, MiKa

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    – MiKa –

    ooops – somewho this got out of focus … is not implemented yet, we will bring it on the list.

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    Have you add the custom type compatibility to the pluggin? I’m looking for this in configuration and in docs, but i can’t find it.


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    – MiKa –

    Hello Hans, hello John,

    let us know if it works with the latest version.

    Thanks & br,

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    gibt es zu dem Thema Neuigkeiten? Ich habe auch einen custom post type in meinem Projekt und wΓΌrde entsprechende Posts gerne auf einer Karte anzeigen lassen. Wenn ich meinen custom post type in das Feld “tagged_type” eintrage, werden entsprechende Posts mit Geotags leider nicht angezeigt (es erscheint schlicht die Karte ohne jegliche Pins).

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    – MiKa –

    Hello deee …

    create a new post, place only the following shortcode:


    and post the result here.

    Br, MiKa

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    Hey guys,
    I made it work by editing the code of the plugin.
    In the plugin’s subfolder “osm_map_v3” you’ll find the file “osm-sc-osm_map_v3.php”. This file is used to display the map. There are two lines, where the post_types are checked for, and there you will need to add your own post_type:

    Line 381:
    if ((($tagged_type == “post”) || ($tagged_type == “page”) || ($tagged_type == “arofto_questions”)) && ($tagged_param == “cluster”)){

    Line 471:
    if ((($tagged_type == “post”) || ($tagged_type == “page”) || ($tagged_type == “arofto_questions”)) && ($tagged_param != “cluster”)){

    I added my own post_type “arofto_questions” as you can see. Actually, I replaced the check for “any” since that didn’t work anyways. But you could leave that and just add your own custom post_type(s).

    Also, don’t forget that the plugin doesn’t show private posts on the map!

    Hope this helps.

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    – MiKa –

    Hello dee…

    thanks a lot for sharing your solution here!

    You are right, it looks like “any” was not considered or is not considered anymore. So I changed the handling.

    If you make changes by your own, you have to consider, that an update of the plugin deletes your modifications.

    With V5.4.2 custom post types should work – let us know.

    Br, MiKa

    BTW: There is no way to donate for the osm plugin but we are looking forward your rate here:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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