multiple geotags not showing in widget

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    Hi, sorry for the cross post here and on the WordPress site.

    I’m trying to add three geotags to the same page by separating them with spaces in the OSM_geo_data custom field, as suggested in a blog post on the plugin website.

    When I use the widget, only the first geotag gets displayed though.

    I also tried adding multiple OSM_geo_data custom fields with a single geotag each, but this doesn’t work either.

    How can I display multiple geotags using the widget on a page?



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    – MiKa –

    Hi Paul,

    we introduced this feature long time ago and skipped it with osm_v3 – sorry. Currently the widget supports only one geotag.

    Br, MiKa

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    Hi MiKa, OK, thanks. I found a workaround by using a custom HTML widget and embedding a map with three markers using a shortcode.

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