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    I’m managing a course blog for a university history department, where students post their assignments and tag them with certain features to categorize them and make them more available to other students. One of these features is a map, which contains pins from posts, generated by the students who tag them within the WP post interface in the plugin. However, for the past few months, the students have not been able to place pins on the map in the post interface anymore, and so the map is not being updated. Is this a general problem with the plugin, or does this sound like an internal problem on my website? I’m quite inexperienced with HTML and coding, so I’m afraid to change too much in the code.

    Thank you for a wonderful plugin, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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    – MiKa –

    Hello Klara, great to hear the plugin is used at your university! It’s not a known bug, that pins can not be set anymore. You have to explain it more detailled, what you are doing.
    Are you using classic or Gutenberg editor. Explain the steps you are doing, which browser, do you have security plugins installed, … Placing pins is to geotag a post, isn’t it …

    Br, MiKa

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    Hi MiKa,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me!

    The website is based in WordPress (of course) and is using the Airi theme which is good for visual editing of pages in terms of blocks, therefore I have been doing very little of the coding myself. The OSM plugin is featured as a map on one of the website’s pages with this shortcode:

    [osm_map_v3 map_center="16.286852, 7.713586" zoom="2" map_border="none" width="1100" height="600" tagged_type="post" tagged_filter_type ="category" tagged_filter="osm_all" marker_name="mic_red_pinother_02.png" tagged_param="cluster" tagged_color="red" control="fullscreen,scaleline,mouseposition"]

    When students individually upload posts to the blog, they do so through the official channels of creating a new post, and then use the “WP OSM Plugin shortcode generator” to add the pin using the OSM plugin. Within this, they click on “Set Geotag” and choose the pin, which they then have placed on the map. This is the step that no longer works, as the pin won’t appear on the map at all and therefore cannot be saved to the shortcode map.

    The blog currently has 125 posts, which all should be geotagged, but this stopped working a while back, so I don’t actually know exactly how many ended up being geotagged. The blog is available to anyone with an email address from my university and is protected by google login. Other plugins currently in use are:
    All-In-One Intranet Premium, Co-Authors Plus, Custom Login, FD Footnotes, Force Login, Google Apps Login Premium, Google Profile Avatars, Peter’s Login Redirect, User Role Editor, etc. The website is using Gutenberg blocks. I’m guessing that most of the students use Google Chrome, but some might be using Safari. I personally use Google Chrome.

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    Do you have any thoughts on how to solve this issue?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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