Cannot geotag posts

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    I am trying to create a map of all posts with geotags, but it seems that I cannot geotag any post. When settin a geotag with the tool on the edit page, I get a “Saved, you can now use the geotag” message, but when actually creating the map with this code:

    [osm_map_v3 map_center="23.4177,-4.7443" zoom="2" width="100%" height="450" tagged_type="post" marker_name="mic_black_pinother_02.png" map_border="thin solid grey" tagged_color="black"]

    this is the output:

    OpenStreetMap Plugin V4.1.1
    published posts: 83
    geo tagged:000; DB request took: 00:00:00.986
    published pages: 1
    geo tagged:000; DB request took: 00:00:00.028

    [OSM-Plugin-Error]:[OL3_createMarkerList]: No posts/pages with geotag found!

    [OSM-Plugin-Error]:CustomField: 0

    [OSM-Plugin-Error]:PostType: post

    [OSM-Plugin-Error]:Tagged_Filter: osm_all

    Should this CustomField be set to some sensible value? In the custom fiel list there was also no OSM_geo_data fiel available, I created one just to try it out, but it did not help…

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    – MiKa –

    Hi Nils,

    looks like setting the geotag does not work. Try to create a customfield at the post manually:
    Value: 51.2508,7.0542

    And do [osm_info] again.
    Br, MiKa

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