1. [Q]: Do I need an API key?
    [A]: No, you do not need any key!
  2. [Q]: How can I zoom with the mousewheel?
    [A]: Add the argument: mwz=”true” to your shortcode.
  3. [Q]: How can I generate and use the shortcode?
    [A]: Create a new post / page and click to [Screen Options]  (top right) to activate [x] WP OSM Plugin shortcode generator. You get a new box called “WP OSM Plugin shortcode generator”.  If you click into the map of this box a text like “osm_map_v3 …” is generated. This has to be copied into your post / page – including the brackets [].

Single marker in the map

  1. [Q]: I want to change / delete the content / position of my marker, what to I have to do?
    [A]: Info about your marker is stored in the custom fields: OSM_Marker_01_Icon, OSM_Marker_01_LatLon, OSM_Marker_01_Name, OSM_Marker_01_Text. You can modify or delete them in the custom field tab whan you edit your post.

GPX and KML files

  1. [Q]: I do not see the content of my file, what am I doing wrong?
    [A]: Enter the path of your file directly in the browser to see if it is correct.
    [A]: Make sure the path has the same domain as your blog (with / without www).
    [A]: Change to text-view when you edit your article and make sure there is not format at your shortcode.

Error messages

  1. [OSM-Plugin-Error]:You have to add a marker to the post at [Add marker] tab!
    [A]: In tab [Map & Marker] you have to set “marker id” to “none” to show no marker or add a marker at the tab [Add Marker].

How can I add another marker to an existing post with a map?

1. Edit Post
2. Activate “Custom Fields” box at “Screen Options”

3.) At “Custom Fields” Box you find at least these four custom fields:


rename (with pressing “update” after each) them to:


4.) Go to “WP OSM Plugin shortcode generator” and [Map&Marker] tab.
Place your Marker and press “Save marker and generate shortcode”.

Your new marker is stored, do not copy the new generated shortcode but keep the old.