Display map by function call in WP Theme

There is a function to integrate a map for geotagged posts automatically:

function OSM_displayOpenStreetMapExt(
$a_widht, // with of the map
$a_hight, // hight of the map
$a_zoom, // zoomlevel of the map
$a_type, // map typ
$a_control, // control of the map
$a_marker_name, // local marker address / markername
$a_marker_height, // hight of the marker
$a_marker_width, // width of the marker
$a_marker_text, // text in the marker
$a_ov_map, // Zoomlevel of the Overviewmap
$a_marker_focus = 0, // location of the marker
$a_routing = ‘No’, // routing
$a_theme = ‘dark’)  // osm map theme

It depends on your icon, where to place the focus of the marker:

0…center is default
1…left bottom
2…left top
3…right top
4…right bottom
5…center bottom

A sample is:

<?php OSM_displayOpenStreetMapExt(“600”, “180”, “5”, “Osmarender”, “No”, “../../../mic_photo_icon.png”, 37, 32, “”,”13″,”5″);?>


One comment on “Display map by function call in WP Theme
  1. Hi
    This is an example of a map that I can show
    [osm_map_v3 map_center="52.4691,-0.9477" zoom="14" width="90%" height="650" control="scaleline,mouseposition" file_color_list="blue" file_list="../../../wp-content/uploads/FarndonFields.gpx"]
    at the url of my site (below).

    I’m using the insert_php plugin and the urlparam plugin. What would be the syntax to add the map center and file_list variables using these plugins? I’m reallt stuck here.

    Could you reply to my email below directly?

    Many thanks


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