Display circles in a map

If you want to display circles (discs) in your map generate a simple map and add the arguments:

  • disc_center_list [lon lat]
  • disc_radius_list [Meter]

[*osm_map lat=”46.71″ lon=”15.774″ zoom=”15″ width=”450″ height=”300″ control=”mouseposition,scaleline” map_border=”thin solid orange” theme=”ol_orange” disc_center_list=”15.777 46.71, 15.77046 46.71317, 15.78217 46.70776, 15.77273 46.70823″ disc_radius_list=”100, 200, 70, 400″]
* <= remove the star in the OSM shortcode

This OSM shortcode generates the following map:

Other arguments for circle display are:

    disc_center_list ... in decimal degrees (lon lat)
    disc_radius_list ... in meters
    disc_center_opacity_list... float 0->1
    disc_center_color_list ... html name or #rvb or #rrvvbb
    disc_border_width_list ... integer
    disc_border_color_list ... html name or #rvb or #rrvvbb
    disc_border_opacity_list ... float 0->1
    disc_fill_color_list ... html name or #rvb or #rrvvbb
    disc_fill_opacity_list ... float 0->1

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