Display a simple map

If you want to add a simple slippy map without any marker or route follow these steps:

Install the OSM plugin and find the WP OSM Plugin shortcode generator when you create article/page

  1. Select Generate: OSM shortcode
  2. Select the OSM control theme of your choice
  3. Adjust the map and click into the map to generate the OSM shortcode
  4. Copy (Strg+C) the generated shortcode and paste (Strg+V) it into your article or page.

Generate simple map directly at create article/page.

The generated shortcode has to be copied to your article / page:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="38.709,-9.135" zoom="14" width="95%" height="300" map_border="thin solid grey"]
 * <= remove the red star from the shortcode.

The slippy OpenStreetMap in your article / page:

Press shift and draw a rectangle for new adjustment.

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