Display photos on the map with EXIF meta data

This feature is not suppoted with osm_map_v3 shortcode of WP OSM Plugin. The old shortcode osm_map is not maintained anymore, but you can still find this feature if you follow the instruction. Make sure the exif data is still available in the photo after upload.

You have to upload the photos in the post, which displays your photo (not via FTP).

Here are some samples:

Fourth Photo

Sikkim #1


Sikkim #2

Second Photo

Sikkim #3

Third Photo

Sikkim #4

Here is the shortcode to generate the map in your post / page:

 [*osm_map lat="27.368" lon="88.223" zoom="11" width="450" height="450" control="mouseposition,scaleline" theme="dark" map_border="thin solid black" import="exif_m" marker_name="mic_photo_icon.png"]

Note, if your photos are not geotagged, you can set them manually with Geotag – tool.