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Garmin Forerunner 305 with GPSBabel and MyTourbook in Linux Ubuntu 19.04

Garmin Forerunner 305 on Linux UbuntuAfter many years we had to say Goodby to pyTrainer, which was a perfect and simple tool at the same time, but did not work anymore on our Ubuntu machine after the last update. A couple of hours solved the situation and lead us to GPSBabel and MyTourBook.

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GPX files einer Pulsuhr mit GPSbabel und XSLT optimieren

optimize GPX files
Praktisch jede GPS Pulsuhr erlaubt es die einzelnen Trainingseinheiten als GPX Datei abzuspeichern – dabei sind neben den Geodaten auch andere Daten enthalten die für die Darstellung in Landkarten nicht notwendig sind und auch die Auflösung ist weit über jener die man für das Einbinden in eine Homepage benötigt –

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Themes and plugins to start a WordPress site

Since a friend started a site by using WordPress I will recomend some additional software here.

WordPress Theme

From my point of view the best free WordPress theme is Responsive. We use it on some subdomains of HanBlog.Net and also implemented with this theme.

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WP OSM Plugin – free mapping solution based on state of the art technology

Within the last weeks there have been several requests regarding the new WP OSM Plugin shortcode osm_map_v3 and the differences to osm_map. So it’s time for a more detailled answere which needs some background information. All mapping plugings are ususally structured like this:

  1. there are map data wich should be displayed (OpenStreetMap,

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blumax GPS Logger in Ubuntu Linux als GPX Datei auslesen und komprimieren

Auf Reisen sind GPS Logger eine feine Sache, man kann damit Fotos georeferenzieren oder Routen aufzeichnen und in einer Karte darstellen. Der blumax GPS Logger ist viele Jahr alt und wird mit dem Standard Chipsatz auch unter Ubuntue 14.04 zum Auslesen der GPS Daten als GPX-file unterstützt.

Der Schalter am GPS-Logger muß in der Stellung >LOG<

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Change the OpenStreetMap Style and controls in WordPress plugin OSM


If the webdesign of your homepage is dominated by a specific color you might want to change the style for your OpenStreetMap in your WordPress Blog. If your Map is embedded with the WordPress OSM plugin you just have to copy a directory,

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Loading three GPX files and a marker with html-text

There has been a request to display GPX files and a html marker with WP OSM Plugin. These steps are required:

  1. Optimze your GPX tracks
  2. Add a custom field called OSM_marker_text with your html text
  3. Generate the OSM Shortcode and modify it

In detail it’s like this:

Optimze your GPX tracks

Usually your tracks are quite huge with data you do not need but take a lot time to load your page.

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[*osm_map lat=”53.34″ lon=”-6.200″ zoom=”13″ width=”600″ height=”450″ marker_name=”mic_photo_icon.png” import=”exif_m” gpx_file_list=”../../../../wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/04/route_dub.gpx” gpx_colour_list=”blue”]





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