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blumax GPS Logger in Ubuntu Linux als GPX Datei auslesen und komprimieren

Auf Reisen sind GPS Logger eine feine Sache, man kann damit Fotos georeferenzieren oder Routen aufzeichnen und in einer Karte darstellen. Der blumax GPS Logger ist viele Jahr alt und wird mit dem Standard Chipsatz auch unter Ubuntue 14.04 zum Auslesen der GPS Daten als GPX-file unterstützt.

Der Schalter am GPS-Logger muß in der Stellung >LOG<

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WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM released with basemap and OpenSeaMap in OpenLayers 3

The version WP OSM Plugin V3.1.1 supports to set markers in OpenSeaMap and basemap with OpenLayers 3 technology. Of course OpenStreetMap is included as well 😉


[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”45.63,13.62″ zoom=”11″ width=”100%” height=”450″ map_border=”2px solid red” marker_latlon=”45.63083,13.62928″ marker_name=”mic_orange_sailing_1.png” type=”OpenSeaMap”]

BaseMap for Austria:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”47.8,13.045″

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Preview to WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM V3.2 with OpenLayers 3

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is based on OL (OpenLayers) and includes version 2 and 3. Up to OSM version 3.1 only the geotag widget used the latest technology of OL3. The upcomming version 3.2 will provide the new library also for simple markers like a POI at  Casa die Giulietta in Verona / Italy.

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V3.1: Map icons collection with cc0 instead of cc-by and openlayers 3 geotag widget

This latest version of WP OSM Plugin brings three features:

There are two new shortcodes added to the plugin file_list and file_color_list.

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Icon preview V1 for maps with markers in WP OSM Plugin

The following markers are based on OpenStreetMap icons and they are used as Point of Interrest (POI) with WP OSM Plugin. All are modified with the free tool inkscape in SVG:





mic_blue_information_01.png mic_blue_mobilephonetower_01.png









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Adding geotag to WordPress and OpenStreetMap with WP OSM Plugin V2.9.4

Adding a geolocation to a post / page was introduced to the WordPress OSM Plugin many years ago – there are sites like and Hamburgs Brücken wich use it with hundreads of geocoded posts. The latests version of WP OSM Plugin added a sidebar widget at your edit post area to directly set the geolocation without dealing with custom fields by yourself:

If you want to,

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Change the OpenStreetMap Style and controls in WordPress plugin OSM


If the webdesign of your homepage is dominated by a specific color you might want to change the style for your OpenStreetMap in your WordPress Blog. If your Map is embedded with the WordPress OSM plugin you just have to copy a directory,

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Loading three GPX files and a marker with html-text

There has been a request to display GPX files and a html marker with WP OSM Plugin. These steps are required:

  1. Optimze your GPX tracks
  2. Add a custom field called OSM_marker_text with your html text
  3. Generate the OSM Shortcode and modify it

In detail it’s like this:

Optimze your GPX tracks

Usually your tracks are quite huge with data you do not need but take a lot time to load your page.

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V 2.9.1 releases with individual icons for your post / page with geotag

With the WP OSM Plugin you can add an geotag (lat and lon) and an icon to your post. This information can be used to show an widget in your blog or to show a map with all geotagged posts and the related icon.

If you click on the icon in the map you will get the excerpt and a link to the post or page.

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WordPress OSM Plugin mit OpenSeaMap released als V2.9

2013_OpenSeaMap_Logo_01Seit 2009 können OpenStreetMap Karten in einem WordPress Blog mit dem WP OSM plugin als “slippy map” eingebunden werden. Dh in der Karte kann gezoomt und auch im Fenster verschoben werden. Zusätzlich gibt es die Möglichkeit, persönliche Daten – wie zB Marker oder GPX routen –

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