WordPress OSM plugin with SSL, stamen and basemap

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The latest release of WP OSM Plugin V2.5 has got some key features:

  • GUI improvements add the article / page editor to choose maptype
  • SSL support
  • stamen maps support
  • basemap support
  • fix pink tiles at some FF versions
  • Russian translations (thx to Вячеслав Стренадко / Vyacheslav Strenadko )

GUI improvements add the article / page editor to choose maptype

There are thre ways to get a shortcode for your map:

  • write it manually
  • generate it directly when you write your article in the backend
  • generate it at settings in the WP backend and copy it to the article

The shortcode generator at the article and page editor got a new choice box to choose the map type:

WP OSM Plugin Shortcode generator

WP OSM Plugin Shortcode generator in the backend of WordPress Blog

Hardening WordPress with administration over SSL

There are probably only a few WP sites which need an SSL connection in the frontend, but there is not doubt, that SSL connection is a key feature for secure administration of your WordPress blog. WP OSM Plugin is now ready for https / SSL connections. Additional information for WordPress and SSL are found here:

Support of stamen maps

We have been asked several times for stamen maps with the WP OSM Plugin. They are available now with watercolor and toner tiles:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="48.212,16.388" zoom="14" width="95%" height="300" type="stamen_watercolor" map_border="thin solid orange"]

For more examples see the WP OSM Plugin Stamen example page.

Support of basemap

Basemap is a government base map for Austria and updated bemonthly:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="48.212,16.388" zoom="14" width="95%" height="300" map_border="thin solid grey" type="basemap_at"]

For more examples see the WP OSM Plugin Basemap example page.

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