WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM with widget for geotag released

The WP OSM Plugin 2.7.1 focused on geotagging your posts and pages including the possibility to add a specific icon to your post and page. The latest version adds a widget to this feature, it automatically adds a map with the geotag position and the icon of the post / page. The overall feature list of this release is:

  • Widget for geotagged posts / pages
  • Set the map sice with percentage (responsive for smartphones and table screens)
  • Add some new icons
  • Fix a warning if geotags are filtered by category

OpenStreetMap Widget for posts and pages

If you want to geotag your posts / pages you have set a geolocation and optional choose an icon for this post by adding custom fields OSM_geo_data and OSM_geo_icon – this is explained here. As soon as you have geotagged at least one post/page you can use the widget to display it in your post/page. Post / pages without geotag to not show the widget. You have to add the widget ad Design => widget.

OpenStreetMap Plugin Widget for WordPress

OpenStreetMap Plugin Widget for WordPress

If you defined a marker to your post / page with OSM_geo_icon the marker in the widget reaplaces the marker of the widget settings. The center of the map is automatically the the geotag location of the post / page.

Responsive maps in your post / page

Up to now the size was fixed to pixel. If you set the arguments to width=”300″, the width of the map was 300 pixel, regardless of the width that is available for the map. Instead of pixel you can set the size by percentage just by adding % add the end of the number: eg width=”95%”.

Additional icons shipped with the plugin

Let us know, if you want any other markers from map icons collection to be added.

Looking forward your feedback (Forum EN / DE) and if you like the WP OSM Plugin, do not forget to rate here.

THANKS to Beta-Tester!

This version was driven by two Beta-Tester. Thanks a lot for the patience and the professional feedback to:






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