V 2.9.1 releases with individual icons for your post / page with geotag

With the WP OSM Plugin you can add an geotag (lat and lon) and an icon to your post. This information can be used to show an widget in your blog or to show a map with all geotagged posts and the related icon.

If you click on the icon in the map you will get the excerpt and a link to the post or page. If you did not set an icon but only the geotag, the standard icon will be used. You have to set the geotag and the  icon when you create the post or page like this (Benutzerdefiniert Felder = custom field):

WordPress OSM Plugin geotag

WordPress OSM Plugin geotag

The map with all geotagged posts / pages of this site looks like this:

The map shows the standard icon mic_shark_icon.png whenever a geotag is set but no icon is defined via OSM_geo_icon. The the icon for OSM_geo_icon has to be an icon from this page.

The WP OSM shortcode in detail – red is the map information, blue ist the information about the standard icon and green is the information about the geotagged posts / pages:

[*osm_map lat="51.0" lon="10.51" zoom="4" width="95%" height="500" control="mouseposition,scaleline" map_border="thin solid orange" theme="ol_orange" type="CycleMap" marker_name="../../../plugins/osm/icons/mic_blue_empty_01.png" marker_height="37" marker_width="32" marker_focus="5" import="osm_l" import_osm_line_color="orange"]

lat=”51.0″ lon=”10.51″ zoom=”4″ … center and zoomlevel of the map
width=”95%” height=”500″ … size of the map
control=”mouseposition,scaleline” … adds some control to the map
map_border=”thin solid orange” … adds a orange border around the map
theme=”ol_orange” … adds orange controls
type=”CycleMap” … map type
marker_name=”../../../plugins/osm/icons/mic_blue_empty_01.png” … standard icon address
marker_height=”37″ … standard icon size (not needed if the icon is from this page)
marker_width=”32″ … standard icon size (not needed if the icon is from this page)
marker_focus=”5″ … standard icon center (not needed if the icon is from this page)
import=”osm_l” … displays all geotagged posts/pages with a geotag
import_osm_line_color=”orange” … draws a line between geotagged posts/pages

Note 1.) You need not marker_height, marker_width, marker_focus if you set a marker from the OSM Plugin like: marker_name=”wpttemp-yellow.png”
Note 2) You must not save any individual marker in the plugin folder as they are deleted at the update!

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