OSM plugin V5.4.2 brings OpenTopoMap to WordPress

The latest release of WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin (WP OSM Plugin) introduces OpenTopoMap and brings some other featuers:

  • OpenTopoMap
  • New icon for soccer
  • Show image im map is not loaded (eg for GDPR reason)
  • Support Customposttypes for geotagged maps

The sample map shows OpenTopoMap with the new soccer icon for a stadium in Sikkim:

Since we got several feedback regarding the “first step usability” of our plugin, we are going to publish some youtube tutorials within May – stay tunned 😉

WP OSM Plugin is free for more than 15 years, but you can support us with your rating – thanks a lot for 91 reviews!

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4 comments on “OSM plugin V5.4.2 brings OpenTopoMap to WordPress
  1. Kilian says:

    I love the plugin in, and was exited to use the TOPO map, because it looks good. I would like to use a custom pointer as well (our site logo for example) but it seems this does not work yet, as the short code for a TOPO map is different from the standard OSM map. (with standard OSM it works!)


  2. Stephan Knorr says:

    The problem is the file_select_box option. If this is “on” then gpx files are only displayed on the standard map, otherwise they appear only briefly and are then somehow overlaid.
    (btw: the Shortcode Builder, does not generate this option)

  3. Great!!
    I love your plugin and am very pleased to be able to display OpenTopoMaps now.
    But unless in normal OSM mode (look at cantone-libero.ch), the plugin does not show my gpx files:

    Can you help me?

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