WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg and WP OSM Plugin 4.x

On December 6th the latest WP Version 5.0 introduced a new editor for the backend, it’s called Gutenberg. This new editor needs adaptions in most WP themes and WP plugins. It also effects the WP OSM Plugin, these are the facts:

  • If you update to WordPress 5 all your existing WP OSM maps on pages and posts still work.
  • If you update to WordPress 5 you can not create shortcode in Gutenberg editor with WP OSM Plugin V4.x or lower
  • If you update to WordPress 5 and install the classic editor plugin  you can create shortcodes in the backend

WP OSM Plugin Team is working on version 5.0 to support classic editor and Gutenberg editor with one version. Release date is end of 2018.

Your feedback and comments are wellcome here.

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8 comments on “WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg and WP OSM Plugin 4.x
  1. Andreas says:

    “Release date is end of 2018.” Any idea, when the release will be?
    I do like the Plugin very much, but can’t generate new shortcuts whithin Gutenberg…

  2. daniel.971 says:

    I am not able to place any markers on the map. So I am not even able to create a shortcut.

  3. I agree with others here it is not working with Classic Editor, we need the new version; Siteground verified this for me when I thought it was a different issue.

  4. da370338 says:

    Unfortunately, using the shortcode block didn’t work for me – neither did the classic editor plugin. Is there already a release date for a compatible version?


  5. Mcgredo says:

    I’m looking at implementing DIS using osm and php 7. Were is your software at these days? This is an implementation using WordPress 5 and trying to make use military simulations.

  6. Otto says:

    The new editor has a Shortcode Block. You can create shortcodes in posts without downgrading or using the old editor. Works just fine.

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