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    Hey Mika,

    thx for this great plugin.

    Is there a reason why the number of markers for each map is limited to 9?

    Is there a way to increase this number?


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    Hallo Alex,

    thanks for your feedback! If you like the plugin support us with a like:
    or a rate:

    The limits of nine markers are “by chance”. At the moment is not intended to be used for marker management but just for an article with some markers. We suggest to use a tool like viking if you want to show more markers than nine in a map. It’s a free tool and allows the generation of KML files with preview and so on. Integration in WP OSM Plugin is very simply and you still can modify it outside WordPress. Let us know if you need support.

    Br, MiKa

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    Oscar H.

    Hello. Is there any “simpler” alternative in case I need to show more markers? I checked Viking and Mapnik and it’s way beyond my knowledge… I need to show like 30 + markers 🙁

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    Hello Oscar,

    if you have just 30 markers you can simply manage them in an KML file. A KML file is a text file:
    It takes you 5 minutes to understand it and 30 minutes to add 30 markers …

    Your “tool” to manage the markers can be any simple texteditor like:

    Let us know if you need support.
    Br, Michael

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