kml and gpx not showing up


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    Hi guys,
    Great this plugin! If only I could make it work 🙁 I followed the instructions for showing KML and GPX, but they’re not showing on the map, the map is and also a map marker I made. I checked the file location by typing the absolute path to it in the browser and get a 404. However opening the location with filezilla the file IS there, and a jpg file for example right next to it does open in the browser typing the path.
    Any ideas about what could be wrong?
    Is it the mime type?
    File permissions?
    Thanks for your input,

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    Hallo Robin,

    create a testpage on your site and post the link here.

    Thanks & br,

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    robin (also)

    same problem here with not showing markers from kml

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    I can’t visualize my GPS tracks. I don’t know why plugin doesn’t work.

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    Hi Marco,

    create a test page on your site, also add the shortcode you use as text simply by adding a star like [*osm_map_v3 … and post the link here.

    br, MiKa

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    I get the base map incl. centre but no GPX.
    Is there specific GPX version required? Current file is 1.1
    auto-generated shortcode: (‘*’ added)
    [*osm_map_v3 map_center=”50.532,-4.761″ zoom=”7″ width=”100%” height=”450″ file_list=”../../../wp-content/uploads/south_west_coast_path.gpx” type=”landscape” file_color_list=”orange” map_border=”thin solid green”]

    ownership of file is webserver; path is good;
    gpx is list of <trkpt>

    Any ideas?

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    hello cameron,

    did you try to use the absolut path?
    Br, Michael

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