How to create advansed map with many of path and markers

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    Hi MiKa and rest of team

    Thanks for this tool, it’s realy usefull but I have problems with creating advansed map.

    I have idea to create map which will be guide for kayakers, I want to describe around 200 – 300 km of river and indicate on the map places like: dangerous, worth of seeing, camps and restarants information and so on.
    I know how to add many paths but I have problem with adding waypoints. I don’t understend the differents between markers and geotags.

    According markers:
    – as I can see we have avaliable markers ID only in range 1 – 9 – that means that it is not possible to use more than 9 markers?
    – marker name – fullfill is obligatory? why it is needed?
    – when I adding marker I have to indicate on the map location of marker – is it possible to add marker on base localition from photo?
    – when I added marker – where can I edit it? where is it storing?

    I found second way to add waypoint on map, I adding it directly to my .gpx file on the end, points are in correct place but how to edit icon and add photo in description of it?

    Path and waypoints

    Points added in .gpx file

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    Hello Kayaker,

    first screenshot in the forum – did not even know this works 😉

    [Q]: Difference between marker and getoag?
    You can set a geolocation for a post or a page. If you have several posts with a geolocation you can create a map with a marker for each post a the geolocation of this post.
    You can store up to nine markers with a name and html text in each post or page. If you need more than this nine it’s better to do it within the kml or gpx file.
    [Q]: Is it possible to detect location of photo (EXIF)?
    No – we will support this feature in 2018 ….
    [Q]: How to edit gpx and kml for icons?
    Check this for kml file:
    Or an gpx sample:

    Feel free to come back if something is missing!

    Br, MiKa

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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