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Maps covered with WordPress OSM Plugin V 3.5.2

With the latest WP OSM Plugin  version some new tiles have been added, you can choose these maps in the shortcode generator. Have fun to add them to your site!
<OpenCycleMap> <= API key
<pioneer> <= API key

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FullScreen Map in WordPress with WP OSM Plugin

After quite a long time we are going to release WordPress OSM Plugin 3.4 in October. One of the new features is the fullscreen map:

You get a new button in your map to get the fullscreen map, just click on it in the map!


Just let us know on our new hanblog –

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WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is now on facebook

It took some time, but you can find a site for the WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin now also on facebook. It’s not perfectly prepared yet – but started. Feel free to give us a like to show it should continue:

WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin on facebook

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Preview to WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM V3.2 with OpenLayers 3

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is based on OL (OpenLayers) and includes version 2 and 3. Up to OSM version 3.1 only the geotag widget used the latest technology of OL3. The upcomming version 3.2 will provide the new library also for simple markers like a POI at  Casa die Giulietta in Verona / Italy.

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V3.1: Map icons collection with cc0 instead of cc-by and openlayers 3 geotag widget

This latest version of WP OSM Plugin brings three features:

There are two new shortcodes added to the plugin file_list and file_color_list.

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Icon preview V1 for maps with markers in WP OSM Plugin

The following markers are based on OpenStreetMap icons and they are used as Point of Interrest (POI) with WP OSM Plugin. All are modified with the free tool inkscape in SVG:





mic_blue_information_01.png mic_blue_mobilephonetower_01.png









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Dealing with icons in KML files for WP OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM

If you want to display individual information in your map then KML files are a good choice. There are several KML generators and it’s easy to integrate it into your WordPress Site.

Note, you must not display any icons which are protected by copyright! There icons integrated in WP OSM plugin and you should use them in your KML file with style-tag like this:

  <Style id=”style1″>

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OpenLayers 3 in WordPress OSM Plugin

Several days ago I read a tweet from  @NicolasMegow about the article How to write maps from list of places. With python he was generating KML files from an Excel file. He then used the WP OSM Plugin to display nuclear power plants in a map.

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WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin in Version 1.0 freigegeben

Das WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin OSM zum Einbinden von dynamischen Landkarten (slippy map zum Verschieben und Zoomen) ist in der Version 1.0 freigegeben und kann bei heruntergeladen werden. Damit ist das plugin für die WordPress Versionen 2.5.1 bis einschließlich 3.2.1 getestet. Wesentliche Neuerungen der aktuellen Version 1.0 sind die Mehrsprachigkeit zur Erstellung des shortcodes und die Unterstützung des neuen WP Themes Twenty Eleven.

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