Translations for WordPress OpenStreetMap / OpenSeaMap Plugin

The latest version of WordPress OSM Plugin brings two topics which were driven by Marc:

  • French translations
  • moving icon when you zoom in / out

Thanks a lot to Marc.

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WordPress OpenStreetMap / OpenSeaMap Plugin OSM V3.3 released

The latest version of WP OSM Plugin focused on changing technology to cover features of mobile devices and simplify the shortcode. Features of the latest versions are:

  • display KML files with osm_map_v3 shortcode
  • Possibility to disable ajax by define
  • Set your preferred location for geotagger as define
  • Update to OpenLayers 3.5

Display KML files with osm_map_v3 shortcode

The shortcode of the WP OSM Plugin detects the filetype of GPX and KML file:

GPX-file in OpenSeaMap:
[*osm_map_v3 map_center="52.628,5.291" zoom="9" type="OpenSeaMap" width="75%" height="330" file_list="../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OpenStreetMap_GPX_red.gpx"]
<=remove the “*”
KML-file in OpenStreetMap:
[*osm_map_v3 map_center="38.713,-9.136" zoom="16" width="75%" height="300" map_border="thin solid orange" theme="ol_orange"  file_list="../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OSM_01_red.kml, ../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OSM_01_black.kml" file_color_list="red,black"]
<=remove the “*”

Possibility to disable ajax by define

It has been reported that some user got the error:
You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/post.php on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

There are many possible reasons, most time it’s related to the .htaccess file. We do not want to make any security advices, but we provide a define to disable ajax for WP OSM Plugin only:

  1. go to the folder wp-content/plugins/osm
  2. open file osm-config-sample.php
  3. change and save
      // replace >True< with >False< if you want to disable it
      define (“OSM_enable_Ajax”, True);
      // replace >True< with >False< if you want to disable it
      define (“OSM_enable_Ajax”, False);
Important: This setting is deleted after WP OSM Plugin update. You have to reset it after update!

Set your preferred location for geotagger as define

You can also preset the start location of the maps in geotagger and shortcode generator. Eg to set it for Hamburg:
  1. go to the folder wp-content/plugins/osm
  2. open file osm-config-sample.php
  3. change and save
      // change them for shortcode generatgor & geotagger
      // to your location
    define (“OSM_default_lat”, 48.856614);
      define (“OSM_default_lon”, 2.352222);
      // change them for shortcode generatgor & geotagger
      // to your location
    define (“OSM_default_lat”, 53.551085);
    define (“OSM_default_lon”, 9.993682);
Let us know which feature you want next – here.
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Preview: WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM with OpenLayers 3 for GPX with Waypoints

WordPress 4.2 will be released very soon and the WP OSM Plugin is prepared quite well and will release with V3.2 by the end of next week. Main work of the last weeks is to bring whole functionality to OpenLayers 3 library and improve performance and usability.

Handling of KML and GPX files will be improved and GPX files also support waypoints. A map with 3 GPX files and 2 waypoints in each of them will be integrated with this shortcode:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="52.862,5.437" zoom="9" width="100%" height="500" map_border="medium solid blue" file_list="../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OpenStreetMap_GPX_red.gpx,../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OpenStreetMap_GPX_green.gpx,../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OpenStreetMap_GPX_blue.gpx" file_color_list="red,green,blue"]

This shortcode generates the following map. Click on the waypoints to get the names:

> Let us know if you want to make Beta-tests! <



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blumax GPS Logger in Ubuntu 14.04 Linux als GPX Datei auslesen und komprimieren

Auf Reisen sind GPS Logger eine feine Sache, man kann damit Fotos georeferenzieren oder Routen aufzeichnen und in einer Karte darstellen. Der blumax GPS Logger ist viele Jahr alt und wird mit dem Standard Chipsatz auch unter Ubuntue 14.04 zum Auslesen der GPS Daten als GPX-file unterstützt.

blumax 4043 GPS Logger

blumax 4043 GPS Logger

Der Schalter am GPS-Logger muß in der Stellung >LOG< sein

Kommando zum Auslesen unter Linux Ubuntu ohne löschen:

sudo gpsbabel -t -w -i mtk -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F MyFile.gpx

Kommando zum Auslesen und löschen:

sudo gpsbabel -t -w -i mtk,erase -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F out.gpx

Für eine Reise von Bagdogra nach Darjeeling in Indien sieht ein einzelner trackpoint im 1.6 MB großen GPX file so aus:

  <trkpt lat="26.699590668999999" lon="88.319783779000005">

Für die Darstellung in der Karten werden aber nur lat und lon benötigt und rot verursacht lediglich ladezeit, daher werden diese Bereich gelöscht:

cat Input.gpx | grep -v -E '<speed>|<fix>|<ele>|<time>' > Output.gpx

Damit sinkt die Filegröße von 1.6MB auf 607kB. Mit GPSBabel werden nun Punkte aus dem File entfernt die Näher als 10m aneinander liegen:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f Input_grep.gpx -x position,distance=10m -o gpx -F Outpu.gpx

Damit wird die Datei nochmals von 607kB auf 268kB optimiert und sieht in der OpenStreetMap Karte wie folgt aus:

WP OSM Plugin shortcode:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center="26.881,88.28" zoom="11" width="60%" height="630" map_border="medium solid red" file_list="../../../../wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/04/India_Bagdogra_Darjeeling_opt_01.gpx" file_color_list="red"]]
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WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM released with basemap and OpenSeaMap in OpenLayers 3

The version WP OSM Plugin V3.1.1 supports to set markers in OpenSeaMap and basemap with OpenLayers 3 technology. Of course OpenStreetMap is included as well 😉


[*osm_map_v3 map_center="45.63,13.62" zoom="11" width="100%" height="450" map_border="2px solid red" marker_latlon="45.63083,13.62928" marker_name="mic_orange_sailing_1.png" type="OpenSeaMap"]

BaseMap for Austria:

[*osm_map_v3 map_center=”47.8,13.045″ zoom=”16″ width=”100%” height=”450″ map_border=”2px solid grey” marker_latlon=”47.79784,13.04535″ marker_name=”mic_black_pinother_02.png” type=”basemap_at”]


[*osm_map_v3 map_center="47.8,13.045" zoom="16" width="100%" height="450" map_border="2px solid grey" marker_latlon="47.79784,13.04535" marker_name="mic_black_pinother_02.png"]


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Preview to WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM V3.2 with OpenLayers 3

The WordPress OpenStreetMap Plugin OSM is based on OL (OpenLayers) and includes version 2 and 3. Up to OSM version 3.1 only the geotag widget used the latest technology of OL3. The upcomming version 3.2 will provide the new library also for simple markers like a POI at  Casa die Giulietta in Verona / Italy. The new library is prepared for mobile devices – on sample ist to rotate the map. On the mobile device simple with two fingers on the screen or with [Alt]+[Shift]+drag:

You get this:

Rotate stamen and OpenStreetMap with OpenLayers 3

Rotate stamen and OpenStreetMap with OpenLayers 3



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V3.1: Map icons collection with cc0 instead of cc-by and openlayers 3 geotag widget

This latest version of WP OSM Plugin brings three features:

There are two new shortcodes added to the plugin kml_file_list and kml_colour_list. A sample looks like this:

[*osm_map lat=”38.713″ lon=”-9.136″ zoom=”16″ width=”95%” height=”300″ control=”scaleline” map_border=”thin solid orange” theme=”ol_orange”  kml_file_list=”../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OSM_01_red.kml, ../../../../wp-content/uploads/osm_map/OSM_01_black.kml”]

Up to OSM-Plugin version 3.0 all icons were cc-by, we have replaced them with cc0 icons:

mic_black_empty_01.png mic_blue_empty_01.pngmic_brown_car_01.png














Please help to make this collection grow and post us a link to cc0 collection with svg icons. Also feel free to send us an cc0 if you want it to be integrated.

In this post you can also see on the right site the geotag widget using Openlayers 3.

Feedback is welcome!

 [WordPress OSM Plugin DOWNLOAD]

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Icon preview V1 for maps with markers in WP OSM Plugin

The following markers are based on OpenStreetMap icons and they are used as Point of Interrest (POI) with WP OSM Plugin. All are modified with the free tool inkscape in SVG:





mic_blue_information_01.png mic_blue_mobilephonetower_01.png










Contact us if you want to support / help to generate a set of icons for the WordPress OSM Plugin.




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Adding geotag to WordPress and OpenStreetMap with WP OSM Plugin V2.9.4

Adding a geolocation to a post / page was introduced to the WordPress OSM Plugin many years ago – there are sites like and Hamburgs Brücken wich use it with hundreads of geocoded posts. The latests version of WP OSM Plugin added a sidebar widget at your edit post area to directly set the geolocation without dealing with custom fields by yourself:

WP OSM  Plugin geotag

WP OSM Plugin geotag

If you want to, there is also the possibility to define an icon to the post which is later on shown in the overall map.

Beside the geolocation widget the latest version brings also some new icons, find them here.

And many thanks to Andrea for italian tranlsation!

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Change the OpenStreetMap Style and controls in WordPress plugin OSM

If the webdesign of your homepage is dominated by a specific color you might want to change the style for your OpenStreetMap in your WordPress Blog. If your Map is embedded with the WordPress OSM plugin you just have to copy a directory, replace the color of the icons and put the directory to your blog uploads folder. This article shows how to do this with GIMP.

The feature to add your private style to the OSM plugin has been added to version 1.2.2. As preperation you have to copy the “ol” folder from wp-content/plugins/osm/themes/ to your local machine. The files in this folder are loaded by your map – if you want another style you simply have to modify them, but keeping the size an name of the png files.

Modify the controls of your OpenStreetMap map with GIMP

Since there is just one color in the controls of the OSM map we can choose the easy way to modify the color. Just by “Adjust Hue / Lightness / Saturation” – find some details on this at the GIMP docu. All I did for this sample was to set Hue to 150 and Lightness to 50.

Farbe der controls für OpenStreetMap ändern

Change the color of OSM map controls by setting Hue to 150 and Lightness to 50 in GIMP.

At this point the icon is colored orange, but since it is stored as png I would like to add some transparancy by reducing the Opacity. For all icons I set the Layer Opacity to 80%.

OpenStreetMap Style ändern

Opacity for OSM map icons.

If you want to change an icon with several colors you will like the GIMP feature rotate colors that is explained here.

Upload the theme folder and generate the OSM plugin shortcode

Once you have modified all the icons you simply upload them to your WordPress folder:


and generate the OSM shortcode in the backend (settings =>OSM) of your WordPress Blog:

WordPress OpenStreetMap style

Set WordPress OpenStreetMap style for OSM plugin map

OpenStreetMap with orange controls and default controls

After you uploaded the the folder as mentioned above you will get the orange controls like in this map:

default blue control if you choose “default theme”:

default dark controls if you choose “dark theme”:


Thanks to Uwe for the feedback about Osmarender Service and to the reader of this article for accepting german screenshots in an english article 😉

WordPress OSM plugin download

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